Nijesh- Rhythmus und Berührung

Healing does or does not happen. It cannot be made. When healing occurs, then it is thanks to our inner self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. The body and the mind, just like the whole nature, keep trying to find the dynamic balance. This is our intrinsic tendency. Through manual and energetic impulses our work provides space and support for this effort. All we need to heal ourselves or to stay healthy, respectively, can be found in the body and in nature.


In the therapeutical context, the most important role belongs to relationship. This means that every therapeutical intervention that springs from the heart has a deeper and more enduring impact than a purely technical procedure.

The therapist´s attitude is nurtured by the wave of inner silence, passivity, receptivity and non-judging.


Inner Visions Design


Therapeutical Intention: to Discover the Balance between the Body and the Mind