Nijesh- Rhythmus und Berührung

Nijesh U. Hesse

Born in 1956, physiotherapist, Heilpraktiker (healer) for psychotherapy, meditation counsellor. Many years of clinical practice in the branch of clinical psychosomatics and psychotherapy as a body therapist.

Own practice at Witzenhausen near Göttingen.

Further training in Gestalt therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, reiki and prana healing. He completed training for meditation counsellors in India.

Regular spiritual practice since 1980.
Meetings: a.o. with Ayya Khema and Willigis Jäger.

For over 15 years he has been teaching in Germany and abroad, a.o. in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and in Austria.

Video- Interview with Nijesh

Nijesh U. Hesse |  Natural Practitioner Psychotherapy and Physiotherapist

Schulstrasse 5, D- 37218 Witzenhausen
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