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Nijesh- Rhythmus und Berührung

Meditation is a state of the mind free from thoughts, feelings, moods, evaluating, comparing. To be in meditation means being totally aware of the present here and now. And to realize how one moment passes into the following moment. Our life always takes place at the present moment.

Techniques can help us to create inner environment, in which meditation can happen.

Observation – being witness - is the essence of all techniques. Observe your thoughts, feelings, bodily perceptions without judging them; this is how gaps emerge in which meditation happens. Meditation is a blessing - a gift.



During the 4-day meditation camp we experiment mostly with active, dynamic and body focused techniques, that offer plenty of space for movement, emotional expression, breathing, verbal expression and dance, before we actually enter the silence.

Another aspect always is: how can I integrate awareness and meditation into my daily life? How can I remain conscious and relaxed in my everyday activities? How can I train my awareness, watchfulness?

The course itself offers enough time and space for questions and discussion, so that everybody could practice on his own after returning home.


Osho       Das Orangene Buch/The Orange Book
                 Das Hara Buch/The Inner Journey
                 Das Feuer der Meditation/ The Path of Meditation
                 Das Yoga Buch I und II/ Yoga-The Alpha and the Omega

Charlotte Joko Beck     Einfach Zen/ Nothing Special

Ezra Bayda                     Zen sein-Zen leben/ Being Zen

Jon Kabat-Zinn             Im Alltag Ruhe finden u.a.

Willigis Jäger                Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens u.a.

Larry Rosenberg          Mit jedem Atemzug/ Breath by Breath

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Seminars of Active and Silent Meditations